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The EDM (Enterprise Data Manager) Web Service saves you time and money by cleansing, normalizing, and standardizing contact records before they are stored in your database. EDM Web Service is easy to install and, in operation, is transparent to the user and the functionality of the web page. Setup and testing is typically completed in under an hour.

All Editions provide a rich set of data quality features including:

  1. Clean and standardize punctuation

  2. Clean and standardize street name, city, state, zip, country, job title, and other attributes

  3. Perform upper/lower case operations on relevant attributes

  4. Parse first name, middle name, last name, suffix, and address 1 & 2 attributes

  5. Check for missing zip codes, city, and/or state values and update as required

  6. The Dedicated Edition gives you complete control over the business rules that automatically process your data

We offer very flexible subscription plans with no contracts so you can start small and seamlessly scale up to a full enterprise-wide deployment. And EDM Web Services operates “in the cloud” so there are none of the extra costs associated with an on-premise installation.

* All Pricing in USD