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  1. Better segmentation of Contacts into Campaign audiences.

  2. The addition of intelligent data points, such as job title codes or sales territory assignments.

  1. The elimination of trash records and the clean up that ensues.

  2. Better matching and fewer duplicate records.

  3. More accurate and consistent account naming conventions.

Most of us never think about the process that is set in motion when the CFO goes to the Ernst & Young web site looking for audit services and fills out a registration form misspelling the city name; or when the medical billing professional goes to Ingenix’s web site looking for compliance information and enters “MD PhD” along with his last name; or when the college student goes to Borland Software’s web site to download the latest release of Delphi and enters his name as Homer Simpson and his city as Springfield.

Each one of these acts creates a problem that has to be fixed which ultimately costs the business community millions of dollars annually. Ikhana’s solution to this problem is to correct the data at the time of entry, correcting the data as required or prompting the user to correct as necessary.  This is done by using a service-based solution which ensures the Marketer’s actual expenses incurred are minimal, as well as substantially less than the investments made today after the fact to clean bad data. 

With Ikhana’s Enterprise Data Manager™ (EDM), you will benefit from:

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