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How does it work?

EDM core functionality is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes standard SOAP protocol to move data point-to-point.  Proprietary connection technology allows the user to call business rules for data processing per the unique requirements of the post, such as data sources from different parts of the world.  Some of the core functionality includes:

  1. Clean and standardize punctuation

  2. Clean and standardize street name, city, state, zip, country, job title, and other attributes

  3. Perform upper and lower case operations on relevant attributes

  4. Parse first name, middle name, last name, suffix, address 1 and address 2

  5. Check for missing zip codes, city and/or state values and update as required

  6. Check for company alias and trade style expressions and update to proper corporate name

Homer Simpson vs. Darth Vader?

We have seen it millions of times, as has most anyone managing marketing programs.  If your offers require the completion of a web form, your database is full of “Darth Vaders”, “Homer Simpsons” and other terms we can’t print in a public forum.  People are always going to do this, but that is no reason you or your staff should have to waste countless hours removing this junk from your database. 

With our powerful data rules engine, you can set up the business rules to identify this type of trash so it can be eliminated before it is stored in your database.

Is this an Extract - Transform - Load (ETL) tool?

Unlike other extract, transform, and load (ETL) products in the marketplace that primarily work on data after it has been propagated to a database, our products incorporate processes that cleanse, standardize, and derive intelligent points from the data before it reaches the database of record.

How is it deployed?

The EDM web service is a flexible solution that is easy to code into websites using standard SOAP protocol.  Several methods are provided, allowing the web developer to post an XML record or recordset, a typed data-set, or an array to the service, which will return an updated object.  A few simple parameters passed with the post determine which business rules are used during processing.

EDM web services are offered in several configurations: as a pure web service running on our servers; as a licensed solution, installed behind your firewall; or, as a hybrid.

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