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Do you do data cleansing?

Yes, we do data cleansing as part of an overall data quality initiative.

What do you mean by “upstream data quality?”

Upstream data quality initiatives focus on processing data before it is stored in the database of record.  By performing certain cleansing, standardization, and appending task at the data source, the need for backend cleanup and maintenance can be greatly reduced.

How does your software work?

Our upstream data quality solutions are data driven and allow clients to specifically tailor their data rules to meet their unique corporate objectives.  Data standardization, transformation, enhancement, and appends are provided by five unique databases that store the business rules that are used to process data, store reference data (like USPS zip code data), and record transaction history.  We can also call out to other reference databases, such as the USPS delivery point verification data, to append additional information to a record.

Our solutions are XML based and can be coded into in a matter of minutes, to provide data processing for XML records or file, typed data sets, or arrays.

Our core functionality includes:

  1. Clean and standardize punctuation

  2. Clean and standardize street name, city, state, zip, country, job title, and other attributes

  3. Perform upper/lower case operations on relevant attributes

  4. Parse first name, middle name, last name, suffix, address 1 & 2 attributes

  5. Check for missing zip codes, city, and/or state values and update as required

  6. Check for company alias and trade style expressions and update to proper corporate name

In addition, our powerful Data Rules Engine allows you tremendous flexibility to manage data quality.  You can define an attribute for processing, specify what expressions to search for within an attribute or multiple attributes, and specify where the result should be placed on the record.

What are some of the benefits of using your solutions?

Our solutions are built to process data before it is stored in your database of record.  We work primarily in the marketing automation and CRM space, where we have found there are often people who invest substantial amounts of time manually editing “dirty” and “incomplete” data.  In these cases, employing upstream data quality tools produces immediate and often substantial ROI.

In addition, from upstream processes, we have been able to consistently demonstrate substantial reductions in duplicate records and almost complete elimination of “trash” records (i.e., the Homer Simpson and Darth Vader records that always show up).  We have also witnessed increases in the immediate usability of data by auto-appending variables marketing folks use for audience selection into new campaigns.

How is your software sold?

Our Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) solutions are “cloud” applications built on a service oriented architecture framework. Our solutions are licensed in a number of ways.  You can choose the type of license that best suits your organizations needs.

Our base product is a web service which allows you to post records to us for processing.  Your data is processed on our servers using a standard set of data rules which we have developed over many years of working with data and reviewing millions of records.  You can use this service on a month-to-month basis for pennies a transaction, or by monthly subscription.

For an additional fixed fee per month, we can enhance our basic web service features by providing you with a unique set of business rules databases that you can access on our servers and customize your own data rules.

For larger organizations, or those that require all data to stay behind the organizations firewall, we can license an enterprise version of Enterprise Data Manager which you can install on your Windows Server.  This type of installation can be licensed on a four year rental agreement that includes all maintenance fees.

What does your software cost?

You can use our web service for the low cost of 5¢ per transaction with no long term contract.  Just contact us and we will set up an account, evaluate your web site(s), and send you a few control files to include on your contact form(s).

How is your pricing determined? By volumes, per transaction, or some other method?

Clients who utilize our web service pay by transaction, or by a monthly subscription schedule based upon a maximum number of transactions.  Transaction costs decrease as volume increases.   We also offer unlimited transaction pricing.

Is it a long term contract or can we go month to month?

You can use the EDM service on a month to month basis, with no long term contract.

How do I pay for the service?  Does it require a credit card or can you invoice me directly?

We can bill by either method.

Do your solutions work with forms?

Our solutions process your data before it is posted to Salesforce. So when your data reaches the Web-to-Lead portal, the data has already been enhanced.

Do your solutions integrate with popular web site content management systems?

Our solutions integrate with any web form that allows the user to place custom controls and reference them within the HTML.

Do we simply embed a script within a web page, like we do with Google Analytics or, to turn on EDM?

You simply add a couple of control files to your site and reference them with a few lines of HTML in your contact form.

Do I need to engage a web master, or a programmer, to implement EDM or can I do it myself?

If you can add a couple of control files to your site and enter a few lines of HTML on your form, you can do it!  We will be happy to assist you with your first experience with our solutions.

How do you compare to other products such as Ringlead?

Ringlead and other older style products were designed for the traditional back end database maintenance process.  While they have value as database maintenance tools, they do not provide the same upstream functionality that we provide.

Can’t I just do the same thing myself with some basic PHP programming on the forms?

EDM is a substantial application that has taken thousands of hours to develop.  In addition, the business rules used to cleanse and standardize data have been built over many years, working with many clients.

Do you work with international addresses or just those from North America?

We work with data from many countries.  We can also call out to other web services to provide us with data which we do not store on our own servers.

Do you work with other marketing automation solutions, such as Eloqua, Marketo, or Marketbright?

We are fully integrated into Aprimo Marketing and have development plans underway for integration to other marketing automation systems.  Please contact us for details.

What solutions do you offer for users of Aprimo Marketing?

We have two unique solutions for users of Aprimo Marketing.  We offer the only fully integrated data quality solution for Aprimo Marketing, which is used in conjunction with Aprimo’s data source management.

  1. Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) for Aprimo Marketing: EDM for Aprimo Marketing is a fully integrated version that provides all of the power of EDM through the Aprimo user interface.  EDM for Aprimo Marketing is the only fully integrated data quality solution on the market today.

  2. EDM can be used with any Aprimo import data source.  This includes inbound forms (bound & anonymous), email processing, batch imports, XML Gateway data sources, and batch company import data sources. 

  3. EDM accountLink: EDM accountLink is a windows service that sits on top of your marketing database and provides the ability to link contact records to account records automatically, based upon user controlled algorithms.  EDM accountLink virtually eliminates the arduous tasks commonly associated with maintaining the links between your strategic accounts and the people in those accounts you are trying to touch.  In addition to matching, all other EDM functionality is applied to your data automatically.

How do you support your clients?

We provide technical and product support through our own staff in the US.  You may contact support by phoning 800-985-5805, or emailing us at Our office hours are 8:30AM until 5:30PM Central Time.

What is the current version of your software?

We are currently on our fifth generation release, version 1.8.

Do you provide professional services?

We provide a wide range of consulting services to assist clients with marketing/sales/CRM data projects and implementation services for our own solutions.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in continuous operation since 1999.

Who are some of your clients?

Our clients are numerous and vary from large to small companies.  Some familiar client names would include: Aprimo Inc; Ernst & Young LLP; Ingenix Inc; and Research in Motion Ltd.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, please contact us for details.

Do you have a resellers program?

Yes, please contact us for details.

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